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I've just ordered a Canon 20D, and it will arrive just before I leave on a trip to Chicago. Would it be better for me to buy one 2G card or two 1G cards--I've heard it argued both ways. Cards don't last as long the more that they are handled, so would it be better to have one or two cards? If anyone was to estimate... roughly how many pictures would fit on a 1G (no flash). I appreciate any and all help in making this decision.
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How much pics you can fit to card depends equally much from in what format you would take those, in RAW or in JPEG.

Check "file flush timing" table for file sizes.
(looks to use hard JPEG compression)

kilobravo wrote:
Cards don't last as long the more that they are handled...
Of course scientific proofing of that would be hard but that's how it should go logically.

Then again if you don't have any other (even smaller card) for in case of emergency/urgent need it might be best to get two cards, while this kind solid state electronics is generally very long aged if it comes out of factory's tests in working condition that negligible statistical propability might hit to you.
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You're right, there are two schools of thought about this. I personally prefer having two smaller size cards rather than putting all my images on one card. Just a little extra insurance for me, especially if I'm taking pictures someplace I might not be able to get back to for awhile.
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