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Default Unformatting the SmartMedia card?

I have a problem. A big one.

I borrowed my Olympus C220Z camera with 64MB SmartMedia card to a friend to shoot a few pics, but somehow he managed to format the card. On top of that, he did take a few shots after accidentally formatting the card.
I've tried many recovery programs, but all they recognized were the existing, newly taken photos.
With the WinHex utility I was also able to find only the signatures of newly taken JPEGs. But, something else gave me the hope that not everything is lost - it seems that my Olympus C220Z did not fill the card with zeroes when it was formatted. Only the last couple of megs seem to be empty, but the card was never used to the fullest of it's capacity, so I believe that this is the explanation for the empty space. The rest of the card is still filled with the random data, so the pictures should still be there, but I can't find any valid JPEG file signatures (Exif or JFIF strings in JPEG headers). Is there any way to "descramble" that area of a card?

I really want to get the old pictures back, since there were some pictures very dear to me.
Please, don't tell me that my only hope is to be more careful as to whom I borrow my camera next time

Any help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance,
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I ran into a similar problem recently after taking pictures for a friends wedding. Her nephew snagged the camera off the table and managed to format my Compact Flash card.

I had wonderful results with a software package called 'Zero Assumption'.

Its freeware at: http://www.z-a-recovery.com/

Send me an email to let me know if that does the trick to: [email protected]
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Lundz, thanks for the link to Zero Assumption. It's a good thing to have on file.
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