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Phil Berkness Nov 16, 2004 5:41 PM

I bought a SD memory card and formated it from the camera. I then took a few pictures and removed the card and installed it in my laptop. It came up as a removable disk with not title with the pictures that I took on it. I then decided to rename this sd memory card. After renaming the card I was unable to use the card. I tried reformating it from the camera but was unable to view any images on the card. I kept getting a "unrecognized format" message. Is their a way to restore the SD memory card to the original format?. I believe this would be some sort of low level format, or fdisk to re create a partition followed by a regular format.

KueH Nov 17, 2004 12:13 AM

You can reformat from your computer, just DO NOT FORMAT IN FAT32 mode. FOrmat using FAT.

Make sure you blank the label name.

If that doesn't work, follow this thread.........It's about formatting SD cards.

JimC Nov 17, 2004 8:36 AM

If you format using FAT (not FAT32), and that still doesn't work, try the Panasonic SD Formatter:

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