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That list only has the standards the drives adhere to, not what they are actually capable of doing. The definitions at the top are handy though, people don't always understand what "Seek time" is.

If you care about storage (mostly hard drive) tech and reviews, read storagereview.com. It’s a very good site, with some of the best testing methodologies anywhere on the web. They really care to do meaningful tests and to run them consistently. They use to run a column where they pointed out really bad reviews on other sites. I think they stopped it because it sounded a little hard/elitist, but it was good reading to see just how little some sites knew about what they were doing and the types of mistakes that were made.

I remember when ATA-66 had been out for awhile and the best any drive on the market could do was less than ATA-33 in burst mode! I found it rather humorous how people though they were getting a speed improvement. (Back then ATA based RAID wasn't an option. Now it is, so the faster bus could be worth it.)

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I think the conditions what most testers are using to test HD performance are quite different from every day reality for our home/office computers.

The seek time is so different for the same HD in different situations, and depends on many factors like: disc fragmentation, disc emptiness or fullness and so on.

………. Ops… I think we switched our topic from USB Card Readers to HD.

Lets go back on track and discuss Flash Card Readers performance.

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Akouzmit, that is very useful and helpful information! Thanks for providing it!
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If it's not a stupid question, why can't the 'erase cycle' be performed during a card format or image erase, so the camera only does true writes? Or does erase mean prepare the flash for write.
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