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floricicia Jan 12, 2005 4:32 PM

Dear Friends,

How nice to find this forum-hope somebody can help me.

I am a fairly experienced 35mm photographer who recently bit the bullet and bought a Fuji FinePix S7000 and Fuji 256mb CF card a few months ago.

Alas....despite successfully taking some smashing shots my camera (or Card) has proved completely unreliable.......

After taking a few shots and switching to 'preview' the camera camera returns a read error followed by the message 'Card not Initialised'.

All data is lost;both recent and stored.

I reformat the card as per instructions but at some point the error reccurs....sometimes after just a handful of shots and sometimes after several dozen. Maddening!!

I cannot reproduce any consistent circumstances that will produce the error on demand. The batteries are always charged and the card is never full.

I cannot retrieve anything either via the cameras USB connection or the card reader I have.

Ideally I suppose I should buy another similar capacity card and see if the same fault occurs but at £30-40 a throw I wonder whether I am throwing money at a dead camera?

Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

Sorry-I seem to be stuck on italics!

Perhaps I am sometimes turning to preview before the camera has finished writing or something similar ;although I would imagine that there would be some kind of buffer that would prevent this being catastrophic?

The camera is everything I could wish for so you can imagine my disappointment.

In the end I will have to send the whole kit/caboodle back to Fuji I suppose, but could I ever trust it again??

Hope somebody can advise me?

Yrs Sadly


digcamfan Jan 12, 2005 5:44 PM

Hi Floricicia,

Welcome to the forum :)

Sorry to hear of your misfortune.

All may not be lost.

Send a PM (click on No New Messages) at top right of page to:


He is a moderator here. He has, I believe, some options for you to consider.

Good luck :)

JimC Jan 12, 2005 6:11 PM

The most likely problem is a defective CompactFlash Card.

Are you formatting it with the camera menus? Do the errors start after the format, and before you try reading the images from the card using any other means?

For example, sometimes if you transfer the photos via a USB Connection (either with a card reader, or from the camera), and use "Cut and Paste" versus "Copy and Paste", you can sometimes get corruption from the deletes being done by the PC. This is because the operating system sometimes caches writes to the media (depending on your settings, and the way the driver works with the external device).

Although many users never have a problem deleting images from a PC, I never do anything but read the images with a PC. Then, I format a card using the Camera's menus prior to each use. This insures that I always start out with a Fresh FAT (File Allocation Table), and reformatting the card with the camera is usually just as fast as deleting the images anyway.

Is the camera under warranty? Fuji did have a problem with the S7000 models using CompactFlash cards. The issue was that the batteries would drain with some CompactFlash Media, even if the camera was turned off. I have not heard of a problem with corrupted media from this issue, but anything is possible.

This is a quote from a press release about the problem from Fujifilm UK (they issued a recall):


Cameras with serial numbers above 34L60001 (inclusive) were produced after 15 December 2003 and therefore willnot experience this battery drain problem.

Fujifilmis offering a priority replacement of the part / camera on affected units. Naturally, this service is free and prioritised, and the camera will be picked up and returned by Fujifilm. Customers can telephone 01234 245383 or email [email protected] to arrange collection of the camera.

Again, the most likely problem is a defective CompactFlash Card. As for recovering images from a card, see this thread for two different software solutions (one free, one commercial). A card reader is a good idea for this purpose:;forum_id=52

GoCubs Jan 12, 2005 6:33 PM

Hi floricicia,

Are you having the same problem with the 16mb xd card that came with the camera? Do you know anyone with a digital camera that uses compact flash memory that you could borrow a known good card and test it out? On the setup menu on the top dial, there is an option that you can change the option of where your pics are written to since it has dual memory capabilities, is that set to the right drive? Good luck, I have the same camera and have had good luck, but I just use xd memory. I hope it's something simple and you get it figured out!

floricicia Jan 13, 2005 11:01 AM

Thank you all for your thoughts, much appreciated!

I must admit I was on the point of dusting down all my hunky-chunky Contax/Nikon 35mm gear again after my digital fact ....I think I could probably hit the Nikon with the Contax without either of them breaking!! Thank God I didn't p/x them?

In response to your suggestions-

I have only ever deleted and/or reformatted the card 'in camera' and never allowed my PC to take charge.

I have checked the 'preffered media' settings on the camera.

The fault occurs randomly,regardless of many pictures have been taken or deleted and regardless of when I have reformatted.

I have checked the Fuji website to ensure I haven't got a camera with the known CF card issue.

I had forgotten all about the supplied xD card which I had disregarded because of its cheesy low capacity . I particularily wanted a model that could use CF because it is slightly cheaper and because I thought it would be a tried and trusted,robust media (ahemm..!) Also-I am set up for CF with readers and printer slots.

I have emailed Fuji now and they suggest I send them the card for testing but were noncomittal about whether it sounded like a card or camera fault-understandably.

I will see if I can find the 16mb xD card inthe meantimeto see if the fault continues, but am I right in thinking that xD/CF cards use completely different protocols for reading/writing Data?

I really hope that only the card is at fault so I can continue to use CF.

The Camera is warrantied but my experience with British Royal Mail (God Bless'em)is that if it wasn't broken when you sent it, it certainly will be by the time you get it back!!

Thanks once again for your responses.

I am ,for all my other sins ,a trained photographer-ex darkroom worker-with a Licenciate from the British Royal Photographic Society (sounds grander than it is!) so if I can help any-one on the forum with basic general photographic queries I will gladly return the favour if I can.



floricicia Jan 13, 2005 11:47 AM


Just found time to look 'round some of the rest of this site............Crikey!!!


Grinder Jan 13, 2005 11:59 AM

Sounds to me like the card is defective which is a dirty little secret nobody talks about.

That is why I would not buy a 1 gig card AND always buy GOOD ones that cost more Lexar comes to mind if you are serious about photography. Memory DOES fail from time to time. You get what you pay for.

I would send the card in and but another card (you want more then one anyway).

JimC Jan 13, 2005 1:56 PM

It's probably just a bad card. But, you'll need to try a different card in it to rule out the camera.

BTW, if you haven't tried this yet, remove and insert the card a few times (just to make sure that the contacts are making a good connection).

floricicia Jan 14, 2005 12:09 PM

Dear friends,

I wonder if somebody who knows how these things actually WORK could help me understand something very strange that has justhappened with my 'EMPTY' (ie 'Card Not Initialised') and possibly defective CF card??

I downloaded and ran the free Image Recovery software recommended by JimC (THANKS)on a card which has lost its data at least 4 times (as explained before) and .......

Lo and Behold

68 full res images-a whole cards worth- from a card that has been reformatted AND has failed at least once since and returned the mysterious -'notInitialised'-'no images'-message.

Some of these images had even been deleted 'in camera'.


Not quite sure I can get my head 'round this!

To all intents and purposes my card had failed AND been reformatted (again-in camera) and failed again...but is full of spurious images:?

Does this give anyone any clues about whether the CAMERA or CARD is faulty?

It certainly beats me!

Unfortunately all the retrieved images where of achair!!..........(I was just shooting of reams of of useless pics to try and come up with a reason for the card to fail in the first place

JimC Jan 14, 2005 12:12 PM

In many camera models, reformatting does not actually erase the data on the card. Instead, it creates a new FAT (File Allocation Table). So, what you saw was normal (able to recover deleted files that had not been overwritten).

That does not tell us anything about where the problem is (Card or Camera). You'll need to try a different card in it to find out.

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