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rg7 Feb 3, 2005 1:35 AM


Recently, I went into a small photo lab to copy my pics from memory card to CD. However, it appears as though a virus somehow made its way onto both memory cards I was coppying (and the CD too). The viruses have now all been taken care of (now that I am back from travelling), but what I was wondering is, can viruses affect digital cameras the same way they affect computers? I'm not worried about the specific virus (it's only function is to e-mail nasty messages from outlook), but I am wondering if it is really worth the risk coppying pictures to CD at a minilab. Could a virus potentially mess up the camera? Thanks for your help.

Stevekin Feb 3, 2005 4:40 AM

Those pesky little things get everywhere, don't they ? I don't recall an incidence of a camera being affected to date, but, it would not surprise me if it happens sooner or later. Take the procedure for upgrading firmware of a camera. This is done via a program on your memory card, downloaded from your camera manufacturer. In my case, at least with my A2 the instructions specifically say to make sure you get rid of the filefrom your memory card once the firmware upgrade is complete. If this is not done the next time the camera is switched on it will automatically start the procedure again. Now I'm not sure of the ramifications of this, but it is strongly advised not to. By all accounts the camera would not be a happy bunny. If software, from your camera manufacturer has the potential to do drastic things, when used long till some scumbag decides to have fun with us. Don't know the specifics but I did hear very recently that the first mobile phone to catch a 'cold' has just occurred. So it may well happen. Obviously you are computer/ technology savvy, having got rid of the problem. For now I think we should all make sure we run our virus/Trojan/Spyware checkers at all times with outside sources particularly. Even themagazines with freebie software I buy recommend doing a virus check before use, just to be on the safe side.I would be more concerned with the potential problems a camera might have with a virus rather than a computer, I would have a pretty good idea as to how to get rid of it. Not with my camera though.


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rg7 Feb 4, 2005 12:49 PM

Thank you, Stevekin, the camera is now free of viruses! ;-) I ho

I really can't stand viruses. I understand why someone might rob, say, a bakery, but viruses just seem to be pointless crimes. Even in big companies it happens, some bored employee decides to stick a virus on some software, for no reason whatsoever.

I guess I will have to be more careful when travelling. I think I will simply buy more memory instead of risking sticking my card in someone else's computer. I am more worried about my camera than my computer really, since no one has yet invented anti-virus software for cameras...let's hope we will never need something like that.

Ok, well, thanks again Stevekin, and I hope no one else runs into this problem!

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