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Default what brand do YOU buy?

i have mostly sandisk sdhc cards, with a few lexar sdhc cards....both are kinda pricey....but then i see the trancend class 10 16gb sdhc cards that are like $26.00??? what the heck?? i paid $49.99 for a 4gb class 10 extreme sandisk card......im a you get what you pay for kind of guy, but in this case dang!!! what am i thinking?

anyway what do you feel safe using? what do you think is better than the next?
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newegg.com has good prices on memory cards. Check out their website! Transcend makes pretty good product, I will give it a try instead of spending $50 for a Sandisk.
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i have had the best luck with Sandisk and also good luck with Kingston.

i had a bad experience with Lexar, though it is most likely just an isolated incident of bad luck it has prevented me from buying again.
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There is a high rate of failure with any brand of flash memory (just the nature of
the beast) so warranty may be important to you... I believe Sandisk has the highest
warranty (at 5 years for the top model) but I'd check the manufacturers site for any
brand you plan to buy to be sure...

Also, some devices are not compatable with some brands/speeds of cards... The fastest
isn't always the best if your device isn't compatable with that brand/speed...

I'd also suggest transfering any images/data/video from the card to your PC ASAP
after recording as, again, flash memory has a high risk of failure... I read about
people all the time in online forums who have lost hundreds of images because
they leave them on the cards for months instead of copying them over to their
Hard Drive...

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Old Dec 2, 2010, 11:21 AM   #5
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I like trascend cards and Sandisk, have a 16GB Adata card as well now that works just fine evne though the lock tabe on it seems to get into the lock position at times when I don't want it too. Had bad experiences with PQI and Fuji (xD card from way back).

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lol i still got some old 128 MB and 512 MB sandisk from long ago for the old point and shoot days ..mmmmgotta be 7'8'years old still workin fine as frogs hair...got a few PNY cards that seem to work fine also ..but mostly sandisk never had a problem with any of them...
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