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Hi …. and HELP!

I own an Olympus E-100 RS (Rapid Shot) with a Type 2 CompactFlash slot, and I want to buy a new high capacity memory card for it.

(Back in the day I used an IBM 1Gb Microdrive with success, but high power draw.)

Trouble is, I'm not sure just how large or fast a card will work.

I've read that anything larger than 2Gb (like the 4Gb or 8Gb cards) will require a camera that can use FAT32 file system, and I don't know if the E-100 does or not.

Anyone know?

Second, could the newer high speed cards (with say 100X speed) boost the performance of the camera?

Thinking that perhaps the transfer between camera buffer and been bottle-necked by the speed of the old standard speed memory cards.

If not, is there any other advantage to the new High-Speed cards?

Any drawback or problems?
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You should be able to use up to a 2GB size card, as for the speed I imagine any card with 45x or so will do, faster cards will not speed up the E-100, it uses an internal buffer. It is already one of the fastest cameras around - what more do you want
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Old Sep 9, 2006, 9:45 AM   #3
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Thanks for the reply, Steve!

What more do I want?

Really. your reply is a great relief, as returning products is not something I enjoy.
Two Gigs should be plenty, as a few years ago covered an entire Alaska Cruse with a single one Gig IBM Microdrive (not recomended by Olympus, but worked fine anyway).
That was just over 2000 pictures.

As to the speed, I was hoping the new faster cards might speed things up even more, as I suspected that the buffer dump was capable of faster.
One sure way to find out.

And, yes, GAD that thing is already fast.
Even using default settings, people looking at the float planes think they are seeing a crash in progress - because the propellers seem to have frozen.
And children seeing humming bird photos may have gotten the idea that they glide a lot.

The E-100 RS has ruined me as a potential buyer of new cameras, though.
I keep looking for something that will be so much better as to justify the costs - and I'm still looking.

Thanks again!
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