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Default Where's the advantage of MS Pro?

From Sony's announcement in January:

"High Speed - In addition to an improved transfer speed of up to 160 megabits per second (Mbps), an advantage of the Memory Stick PRO format is the minimum write speed of 15Mbps that can be realized with optimized Memory Stick PRO format-compatible devices."

I just read the DSC-V1 review at DPR, and the fastest it could manage was ~600KB/s? My old E-10 could manage that, and that was over two years ago. I'm not knocking down on the format, but Sony's top of the line digicam could have taken advantage of the MS Pro's "High Speed" and show off... humm, something's a miss :?:
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I think that you missed the note (*1) associated with the time data in the table. It said:

" *1 Subtract approximately 1.7 seconds to reveal the actual write time, the camera doesn't begin to access the MS card until 1.7 seconds after the image has been taken. This gives the DSC-V1 write speed of approximately 1.1 MB/sec for 2592 x 1944 Fine JPEG on a 1 GB MS Pro."

...so 1.1MB/sec * 8 bits/ Byte = 8.8 Mbits/sec. Admittedly less than the 15 Mbits/sec that the Pro stick is capable of, but not too shabby anyway.
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you also get the advantage of spending more money on another format of memory. admittedly th v1 looks like a nice camera but you as an owner of a D100 probably have a a few CF cards around. the mem stick will not adapt to any other camera that does not have that particular slot. now xD and SD are easily adapted to CF operation via adapters making MS the odd man out in form factor.
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