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This would explain why I was getting a loss of time on the SD card in my Digital Camcorder. The card when new out of the box and unformatted, indicated that I had 17min. and 20 sec. on the SD card. After a couple of weeks and several deletes, there was an indication of only 16 min. and 39 sec. even though everything on the card had been deleted. After reading your post, I formatted the SD card and my Camcorder now indicates the original available time of 17 min. and 20 sec. What a relief. I was beginning to think the fault was in my Camcorder. Thanks.
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I bought a new Nikon P500 yesterday, with a 4GB Nikon SD memory chip. I've taken several practise photos which seem to have saved successfully to the chip in the camera, but I can't get the images to transfer to the computer, either via the USB cable link, or by putting the chip into the computer directly. (The computer doesn't "see" the chip as being there at all.) But when we put the chip into my wife's laptop her computer could see the chip was there but wouldn't show the images unless we formatted the chip first. I've only ever used XD chips before (from my Fuji F700) and they never, ever, needed formatting. I realise that if I format the SD chip I'll lose the photos on it anyway...but why should I have to format it in the first place, when I can see the photos on it via the camera??
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