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Default Why are there big Secure Digital price differences?

I have found SD cards by Dane Elec that are twice as expensive as Lexar cards and I have no i dea why? DOes anyone know? Lexar=$75 for a 256MB vs. $140 for a Dane Elec.

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As a brand, I like Lexar... they seem to have good service and be responsive. I don't know Dane Elec, so I can't say either way on them. But it surprise me that Lexar is cheaper than others, as their level of service usually causes their prices to be slightly higher.

Oh, another thing to consider is the warrenty. Some of Lexar's stuff is warrentied for life (which can also raise the price.) Maybe the Dane Elec has that type of warrenty, while the Lexar doesn't?

Just thinking...

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look harder you'll find a more reasonable price. that is a skewed number. i see it often on the web. they don't update the pages often enough or they're loonies for attempting to sell it at that price. eric is right though lexar is a name to trust in the portable memory market
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Right now the going price for 256MB SD cards is around $75-85 on eBay for Lexar, SanDisk and Panasonic brands. The Lexar cards are easily 2-3 times as fast as SanDisk cards. When testing them during card reader reviews I could not believe how much faster they are. It may not make a big difference in camera speed but it sure does when you download them to computer.

There is a HUGE price difference between 256MB and 512MB size SD cards right now. Like $75 for 256MB and $300+ for a 512MB SD card. My advice -- buy two of the 256MB cards or wait for the price of 512MB cards to drop in line with the other sizes.

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in the past 2 months SD prices have come down a bit.


512MB can be found for less then $200. admittedly this is a rare price but it is from an established vendor. as more manufacturers put out there SD card products the price wil ease rapidly. at least there is a 512MB SD card. not just promises in the future.

as to the speed, lexar has always found a way to get blood out of a rock as far as xfr speed goes. sandisk on the other hand seems to be the baseline from which everyone else strives to go above. and its easily done.
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Recently I read a test of these memory cards and it was very interesting. The cards have some strange numbers these days (8, 10 and so on) and the test showed they're just numbers, nothing else. The speeds between card and PC can be very different, but the speed between camera and the card is 40% max. The test didn't include all cards, of course. The interesting thing is, that one of the cards (some other were similar) was second fastest when writing to PC and second slowest when writing the picture on the card (by camera, of course).
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the x factors are relative to the camera your using.

ref: http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/mul...e.asp?cid=6007

no, they're not just numbers there is quite a bit of performance differences from company to company and camera to camera. again in the consumer end there is little to none except if you have a real low end card. the top end is about 8x-12x. WA active cameras will have an increase vs others and again it will depend on the implementation of the technology.

essentially you may want to match the camera with the memory. but if your moving upscale in cameras you might want to think about future performance too.

there is a difference.
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