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kornik Sep 23, 2006 5:02 AM

Hi, can anyone confirm if the Canon G5 will work with a 6GB microdrive?

Has anyone actually tried a 6gb microdrive/card in a G5 please?

:cool: ==> update 24/sep, got a"yes" answer on another forum:

I am considering to buy a "retail" version of either the Hitachi 4gb (3K4)
or 6gb (3K6) microdrive but the "compatybility matrix" made me think
about a possible problem here. The compatybility matrix: (
seems to suggest that G5 can use a 4gb but not a 6gb.

I have a found a year 2004 forum comment suggesting the G5 supports FAT32
and will work with 6gb and higher cards. (


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