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cliffrouse11baseball Jul 19, 2004 10:49 PM

If I decide to get the Fuji FInepix s7000 should I go with xd or compact flash. I know xd consumes less battery or what not, but is it worth the extra money.

sjms Jul 20, 2004 1:37 PM

with xD you have a propriatary memory module that is currently being used by only two companies Fuji and Olympus. now as long as you stay with thesebrands your good but as of now the defacto standards are CF and the up and coming SD cards.

cf- the defacto standard of the pro and higher end large megapixal advanced cameras primarily due to capacity availability up to currently 4-8GB per card with room to grow. lowest price per MB too. drawbacks are wide variations in quality and speed per manufacturer. watch who you buy. a card may xfr fast in one camera or and slower in another. quality does matter. an open standard

sd- the up and coming standard. used and the smaller digital cameras and now nests next to the the CF card slot on the canon 1Dmark2. the current top capacity is 1gb but is supposedly going considerably higher. these cards are used in PDAs and other various devices making them more versatile then the xD is. another open standard.

the question is will xD last or go the way of smartmedia. notice it shares its spot with CF on the camera. a little hedging there.

last of all you can get adapters that allow sd and xd to go in a cf slot but not the other way around

memorysticks- another propriatary format sony developed. now has splintered off to 2 major types which look alike but the newr one is not backward compatible. they are the memorystick and the memorystick pro. the pros don't work with the older cameras so the older cameras are limited to 256mb i believe. the pros are available in 1gb size now. very few other manufacturers took to the sticks and then only to the limited original. only the sony pda took the cards and now they're discontinued in the US. another sony propriatary format slowly dying.

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