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Default Fomatting Card

I have a Nikon 4500 and have been advised to reformat after everytime I transfer the photos to the computer.

Very recently the card could not be read but all the photos were transferd to the computer then it was reformatted so that the card could be read.
Sounds all double dutch I know.

How do I reformat the card as the book is not much help either.
It was a computer shop did all this for me free it took him about 1 hour and I did not want to impose on him too much.
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When the computer shop did it, did they do it on a computer? A hour is a long time.

There are two types of formts. Low level and high level. A low level format checks every sector for errors and such. That takes a long time, depending on the size of the card. It also does what a high level format does. A high level just recreates a blank File Allocation Table (FAT) at the front of the CF card. The FAT tells the computer where the files are stored on the CF card. By rebuilding the FAT, you have effectively deleted all the files on the CF card, because the new FAT table says "there are no files on this card."

When you format in the camera (which is what most people do) that just rebuilds the FAT (high level format.) It also fixes any corruption of the card which might have happened over time as the card was used (in the computer, maybe in a PDA or MP3 player....)

The manual for the CP4500 can be found here:

Page 128 of the manual talks about how to do it. I've only figured this out by reading the manual, I don't own a CP4500. So if I'm wrong... well, sorry. Next time have the man in the shop show you what he was doing while he does it.

1)Press the middle button below the LCD labeled menu.
2)Select the multi-selector button (one with many arrows) which moves you to the right.
3)It looks like they want you to select the "down" arrow, but it's unclear. They imply that this will "activate the selected menu"
4)The last entry on the menu is "CF Card Format", use the down arrow to move the hilight on to that entry.
5)Hit the right arrow to select that menu item and give you the sub-choices.
6)Hilight the subchoice "Format", and press the middle button of the multi-selector (the round button in the middle of the arrows.)

I think that will do it, but then again, I don't actually own a CP4500. All of this is explained on page 88 of the manual (for general menu use) and page 128 of the manual for all the warnings about formatting a CF card. Please read the warnings about formatting carefully. They mean them (and so do I!)

Next time, I suggest asking your question in the Nikon forum, as you asked the question about how to format the card in the camera. The odds of getting an answer from someone with the camera is much higher.
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