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Hi All,

Just looking at increasing the amount of storage I have while out and about, without the need for my laptop or extra memory cards. What do people suggest?

I don't want to spend too much pref less than £150 ($280 for my American friends) but also have seen the 40Gb Innoplus i-With for £200 which I can stretch to.

What do you guys use, or have you seen any reviews anywhere?


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I'm also ni the market for one of those units as well. Tho I'm not into the large 40+ gig units as I'm just local in the urban jungle covering the random convention or city adventure.

You may also want to check out www.tigerdirect.ca under the flash memory area for thier units. The Kaguru caught my eye as it can play mp3 as well as store the files.

That unit also has data verification which IMHO is very important to me. Nothing sucks more then copying files over and something not work out then later find out while offloading the portable image storage unit.

Something else that peaked my interest over the Kaguru is the CompactDrive found at www.eastgear.com . I like how it allows 4 x AA so if you're out in the field and need batteries you can buy them anywhere or heck even barter with someone with headphones on for some AA's. The Kaguru has a propritary li-ion battery. While the mp3 is a welcome touch the CompactDrive boasts a 16mb/sec transfer rate. I'll have to find the review again but someone did a rather decent review that answered some of my deeper questions.

One thing I remember on the CompactDrive review is that if you hook it up to the computer the transfer rate is slower so don't transfer from the CompactDrive to the computer on batteries. It's a FUBAR waiting to happen. I like how the CompactDrive won the DIMA award as well. It appears solid and the design to me looks like it will hold up to the dust/sand as it claims. Also it allows you to change HD's anytime you want so you're not stuck with a dead HD or can upgrade to a larger HD if you're with a larger camera in the future. I think it said it can do 20gigs of transfers to the portable unit on a single set of 2300mAh batteries. The unit also has extensive verificationthat the data has been copied for safe piece of mind before you format. Base unit is around $180 USD. Add a cheap 20gig HD and you're set.

Both units are in your price budget. You can find the CompactDrive's website via the link above. There is a new version of that unit out now but it runs off a propritary battery and is smaller/slimmer and has mp3 built in.

If you find more portable image storage companies and units please post them.

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I'm searching for backup for a one-month trip and looking for something smaller and less costly than a notebook. I bought a Sony DVDirect (dvd recorder) but it only does JPEGs so it goes back tomorrow. I'm also looking for a Delkin Burnaway (cds) or Apacer Disc Steno. I shoot RAW(NEF)+JPEG so I have large files & use 2G cards. I don't trust losing a month's worth of travel photos on a hard drive. Ideas and comments welcome.
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I second the suggestion of getting units that do data verification
Also units that can display RAW images are also quite desirable as the pictures can be reviewed during the evenings (without a laptop). This will give you the general idea if the pictures need retake or not

... as to backing up to DVD or CD, I've see too many DVD/CD that can't be read after they are burned - Unless one can verify that the DVD can actually be read, I will be reluctant to delete the images on the flash cards
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I use a 60 GB hyperdrive which cost be about $240 USD or so. It works great and I would highly recommend it. It has data verification as well.


Regarding DVD backup if you go that route make sure that you have the burner verify the data on the disc and that the session and disc are closed after burning. Make sure you use good media (use cdfreaks.com to find out what burners and media to use).

When it comes to DVD (or CD) backup I always make sure I burn duplicate copies (one master and one backup) and store them immediately after burning in jewel cases. This way the chances of lossing data are greatly reduced.
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I had a laptop in which the mother board went belly up but the hard drive still worked, so I pulled the hard drive out and put it in a device I bought on eBay for only about 40 USD. The device has a rechargeable battery and card slots for the common memory types. One push of the button and it backs up your card. Each subsequent backup just creates a new directory.

"It doesn't have a verification cycle, and I can sure understand the desire for one, but the gizmo hasn't let me down yet, and it is really compact and light, about the size of a PDA. It comes with a little draw-string bag. It recharges with either an included recharger or through your USB port. It comes with a USB cable, and just acts like any other removable drive when you plug it in.

One caution: don't drop it in the bag as soon as you get it, because the drive has to be partitioned before use.

It's perhaps not the most elegant solution, but it was a cheap and valuable addition to my camera bag. Just search eBay for "photo bank" and you'll see some of them pop up.

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DocMoon which item did you get on ebay - I got one which sounds like yours, which didn't work as promisedand I am now quite leary.

As for the rest who are willing to pay all that money for portable storage, just exactly how many gigs are you expecting to shoot!!! Come on guys, if you have that much to spend, invest in cards not a reader.
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I second the use of the Hyperdrive


Runs on AA NiMH batteries and the HD is user replaceable. A good reasonably priced solution.

While additional memory cards are okay, there is a limit as to what is practical. If you are going on a long trip and just don't want to lug along a laptop, then you will need a lot of memory cards. In these cases, a unit like the hyperdrive is an excellent choice.
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you should look at the external hard drives, you can buy like 250GB external hard drives for around 80 dollars.
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