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I will be hiking for a while and was thinking that my 60GB ipod photo will make an excellent place to store the large pics of my D80.I tried the apple camera connector previously with a D70, but it seemed slow and drained my batteries fast. I guess it uses USB1.*So now with USB2 on the D80, is there something out there that allows me to dump 1-2GB onto the ipod quickly without draining both camera and ipod?Thanks!
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I looked for something other than the camera connector to no avail.Even when you down load pictures fromyour camera to computer it isslow and uses up battery life. That iswhy most people use card readers. There maybe something out there, but I could not find anything.Since you already have the ipod, you are money ahead of buying another photo storage product. I have one I bought off of e-bay for about$60, basiclly just a 30gb laptop memory card stuck in a little metal box withcard slots for the different types of memory cards. Works wellfor me, but then I didn't already own an ipod before I bought it.
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Heres a trick I used when I was in Bali for 3 months... Get an old (even second hand) laptop HDD... usually the best place is a Computer swap meet... and there you can also get the USB2.0 HDD carrier as explained by Caboose. The carrier costs about $15 and the size of the HDD will determine the price.

Whilst you are there, grab a CF reader (in USB2) these are small and require no power, neither do the USB2 HDD carriers.

I then went to the local internet cafe once every few days (or weeks) depending on shooting frequency.... load the pix from the CF to the HDD and ... there you go... traveling without the drama of having to carry a laptop.

Save your battery power to shoot... not download.

I now have 3 little HDDs 1x 30Gb and 2x 60Gb. More than anyone needs.

Hope this helps.:idea:
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...get the USB2.0 HDD - Aussie G
What a damn good idea Aussie G.
It would save us at least a coupe hundred $$$ compares to Ipod or Epson P2000.


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