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I was looking for a camera and ended up getting the Canon S3 at Best Buy with a 12% off coupon I found online. At $351.99, it would've cost just about the same online with shipping.

I was going to purchase a SanDisk 1gb SD Ultra II card at Circut City ($35 after rebate). Of course they didn't have any in stock, and when I asked the girl at the front counter she looked up the #'s and said they don't even stock them...that they're special order. I HATE that sh*t. Show a good buy in the ad to bring the people in and don't even stock the item. I ended up grabbing a SanDisk 2gb SD card ($40 after rebates) as I wanted to take Halloween pics.

What are the main differences between the standard SD card and the Ultra II?

Should I order the Ultra II and return the regular one?

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I think that salesperson is confused. I got an Ultra II 1 gig card at Circuit City last month ($15 rebate) and then another one a couple weeks ago (another $15 rebate sale). I also wonder exactly what the real difference is in performance compared to the standard card.
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No seriously, I went up to the customer service/returns desk and she typed in the product ID numbers from the ad. She said it was a special order item. They're real skeety like that. I went there on Sunday morning when the sales came out to look at a AMD dual-core laptop for $699 after rebates. Of course they didn't have any, but the sales associate was quick to show me the exact same notebook with a 20gb larger hard drive for only $150 more! These bait and switch tactics are horrid. I guess if I want a good deal I'll just go to their website and have it sent to my local store. Oh yeah, they did have a 1gb Ultra II SD card with a USB add on or something and it wasn't on sale at $79.99.

I'm sure I can dig around and find the difference between the two cards but I was feeling lazy.

I think I might go special order the Ultra II because it looks like I just scratched/left some marks on the gold/copper connectors on the 2gb card trying to get it into my multi-card reader. Besides, even on the best setting on my S3 it will hold over 1000 pics...I don't need that kind of capacity.
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The difference is mainly in the read and write speeds of the card (namely how quickly you can take lots of photos, and how quickly they can be copied to the computer). Most of the time the write speed will only ever be an if you're using a high end DSLR in the mode where you hold down the button and it keeps shooting frames as fast as it can for as long as it can.
Personally I'd keep the higher capacity card (if you ever go on a two week vacation the 500 odd picture capacity of the 1GB card might not seem quite so limitless).
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