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I know this topic might have been posted before, in fact I've read some good advice here about recovering data from seemingly corrupted memory cards. I am desperate for help and have nowhere to turn!

I'm sure these will work for me with my xD card, however my computer currently refuses to acknowledge its existence. when I plug any other card into the card reader: bingo the splash screen prompt for opening files appears. however with the troubled card, it doesn't even register that a card is in there. Even when I right click properties, I get 0 for all disc sizes, readings etc.

Yesterday , I took 3 or 4 photos, before receiving a message on my camera, "Card Error." I shat myself, but quickly removed the card and put it back in, and this seemed to cure the problem, and I went on to take 300 more photos. When I arrived home, I could view them on my camera no problem My PC refused to read the card, and now the camera won't either, just presenting me with the option to format.

As suggested on another thread here, I took a bunch of photos with my camera on a 2nd xD card. These I then formatted from my PC in windows via the card reader, and I was able to successfully recover these.

However, since my problem card isn't being detected by my pc, I would have to format with my camera itself.

I then tried the format card via the camera method, but with a 2nd xD card I'd just made pictures on, just in case, but then was unable to recover them from the card with recovery programs.

These photos are very important to me.

I'm sure I could get them off the corrupted card, even if I had to format it with windows, (I WILL NOT FORMAT WITH MY CAMERA[/b]; this makes them completely unrecoverable.) but so far the pc is not recognizing the card, in any form, either via camera and USB or card reader.

Perhaps if there is a program that will format drives windows isn't detecting? - Although, of course, I will try it first on a space xD card before risking further tears over my important photos.

The camera used was an Olympus U-15 digital and a 256 xD card.

Thanks for any help with this epic problem!
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Well, try another computer, sometimes it can be as simple as that. Or try putting it into your camera until it recognizes it again and then plug the camera directly into your computer to transfer files. If all that fails then bring yourcard to your nearest camera store, they should be able to recover somthing from it. Or go to the nearest "do-it-yourself" photo developing kiosk and see if their systems read the card. Also try putting the card into another camera. After you get you images off the card I suggest you get a replacement card.

Hope this helps!
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