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I have Canon Powershot 530 with me. I had captured some valuable moments in it. But unfortunately the memorycard was formatted and now it is showing no images. I want to recover these images.

Is there any way to recover these images, once we format the memory card?

I badly need these photos.

Please suggest any way to recover the images.

Thanking all in advance.

-Sandip Yeole
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Do not attempt to write to the card in any way (don't take photos, don't try to run chkdsk, scandisk, etc. or you can ruin your chances of recovering the images).

With a lot of Canon models, you'll need to use a card reader. If it shows up as a removable drive under "My Computer", you can try it without a reader.

If you don't have a card reader, they're relatively inexpensive (you can pick up a USB 2.0 reader for around $10 now). Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples, OfficeMax, etc., all carry card readers if you don't have one.

Agood utility to try is Digital Image Recovery (it's free).

It should be able to get them back for you, as long as they haven't been overwritten (a format only overwrites the file allocation table). You can download it using this link, unzip it and run it.


Make note of the drive letter you see when the card is inserted in a reader (you'll find it under "My Computer"). Then, load this program and select your desired language (English is one of them).

Give it the drive letter for the card reader, select a folder on your PC to save the recovered images to, leave everything else at default settings, and press Start. Your photos will be saved to the folder you select.

If for some reason it doesn't find them (and it should), here's a commercial program designed to do the same thing (not free). You can download a demo version to see if it works before buying it.


If the two utilities I mentioned above can't get them back for you, here's a free open source program you may want to try. It's a command line utility (no graphical user interface). But, it should be able to get them, too.

It's designed to work with severely corrupted file systems by looking for header information specific to many image types in order to try and reconstruct them. You should be able to use any of these programs and get them back OK, if all you've done is format the card.

Here is the link to PhotoRec (it's open source and available for multiple platforms, including Linux). You'll see a download menu choice on the left side of the page.


Here are some of the operating systems it can run on.
  • DOS/Win9x [/*]
  • Windows NT 4/2000/XP/2003 [/*]
  • Linux [/*]
  • FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD [/*]
  • Sun Solaris [/*]
  • Mac OS X [/*]
and it can be compiled on almost every Unix system.


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