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Steve recommends a "fast" card for this camera--but what qualifies as "fast?" What are the ratings I should look for in an SD card (looking for 1 or 2 GB)? Any recommendations?

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Any recommendations?

Yes. People have said here (and elsewhere) that the S3 can take advantage of a card up to 50x or 60x.

If you multiply 3.5 megs by 2.3 shots per second, and then figure 150K/second for 1x, 300K/second for 2x, and so forth, you will figure your needs incorrectly, just like I did. The JPEG is only 3.5 megs in memory when viewing it. It is compressed before recording to the SD card (and decompressed when playing it back). The time needed to compress is not relevant, it is figured in to that 2.3 shots/second quoted for the camera.

As far as size, some report the camera can recognize a card larger than 2 GB. As for price and warranty, it is up to you. I went with 2 SD cards (in case one fails), 2 GB each. I don't know if my [ancient] card reader can handle a card that big, but I plan to use my computer (and usb cable) to transfer my pics and movies to the computer.

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As the new flash chips are comming out of the FABs, with smaller dies (thus more chips to a disk) - the actual speeds are increasing up to 150x. The prices are also comming down. There are a lot of quality vendors now with 150x SD cards - Kingston, PQI, Patriot, etc.

You can easily find 2GB SD cards in the 150x speed range ifor around $30, however you should go with a good retail store, rather than ebay. Fakes are being found on ebay. You can scan the internet. One good place is http://www.frys.com - it's a large electronics retailer from the bay area and they do great mail order.
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