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I just recently purchased the Cannon S3IS and I also purchased a hi speed Digital Vision 1 GB card. I used it took about 300 pictures printed them , saved them to my computer and formatted card when put back in computer. I took about 5 pictures, deleted 3 and started to show my son the other 2 and the LCD screen said Memory Card error.I've taken the card out and tried it again. :-?I've looked in my manual and all it tell me is the card has experienced an anomaly!? I can take card out and use it fine in my old camera (Kodak Easy Share), and I've put my SanDisk 512 in my Cannon S3IS and it works. I'm confused, I can't get the camera to do anything with the hispeed card in. I was told when I purchased this camera that I needed a high speed card, that my old cards wouldn't keep up, is that true? I'm not sure if I hit a button on the camera by mistake, or what has happened. Any suggestions from you guys would be great!!!!

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I've never heard of the card manufacturer. But, High Speed doesn't necessarily mean High Speed. I haven't seen any cards marked Low Speed yet. :-) Faster cards might be faster, depending on the camera (but, I wouldn't count on Digital Vision brand cards being any faster).

Anyway, try formatting the card with the camera's menus for format versus your PC. BTW, when you formatted it in your PC, you would have changed the File System Type if you didn't select FAT. Some cameras might not like that. It's best to use the camera's menus for format instead. If it won't format using the camera's menus for Format, try formatting the card with another camera's menus for format.

If that still doesn't work, try formatting it using a card reader. For a 2GB or smaller card, I'd change the File System to FAT. If using Windows, when you right click on a card under "My Computer" and select Format, the next page will have a drop down list for File System Types. Select FAT versus the default FAT32 for a 2GB or smaller card and make sure the "Quick Format" box is not checked. Format it and see if that fixes it, then use the camera's menus for Format before using it again.

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I have the same problem with my camera. I've used my Vivitar vivicam 5100 multiple times all being stored onto my 512MB XDigital Media SD card. With the card in the camera I don't use a cable to import pictures to the computer, I use a SD card adapter and pull pictures off straight from the card.
Anyways, I've reformatted this card multiple times to FAT32 and FAT but the camera always show's card error. Is there any other way to fix this without going to a specialist?
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Ialso have a Canon S3 IS and a Sandisk Ultra II 2GB card. I have owned it for less than one week. Using a card reader I uploaded a few experimental photos onto my PC using Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition. At the end of this process Photoshop Album removed the photos from the card. When I next went to use the camera I had the dreaded "memory card error". I have tried to Low level Format the card in the camera. I have tried to format it on the PC with the card reader. I have tried to format it using Panasonic's SD Formatter V2.0.

None of these efforts have been successful. Canon'swebsite is absolutely dumb on this issue.

It seems many people have this problemin one form or another with varying hardware configurations. What is the common feature? Is it Canon's firmware or the SD format? I notice in other forums problems with SD cards in other devices.

Any ideas?
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I was looking at the manual, towards the end they have table stating the number of pics that can be stored in the SD cards and the card number are for Canon SD cards. You can only buy it from Canon site and pretty expensive too. Maybe that would help!!
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It's possible that the partition on the card has been damaged. So you could try a partition manager to recreate the partition and then format the card. Most newer cameras support FAT32.

I have used the 7Tools Partition Manager and find it works very well. Plus it usually has no problems with USB devices.

Look here: http://www.7tools.com/

Once you get the card partitioned and formatted, put it in the camera, and if you do not get an error, immediately format the card in the camera. It is best to NOT use the computer to format media cards. Always use the camera you intend to use the card in to do the formatting.

If the above does not solve your problem, it is possible you have a defective card.

Hope that helps.
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Maybe it's because you formatted the card in the computer - I always, without exception, format the card in the camera to ensure 100% compatibility.

I have experienced card errors with my Pentax *istDS which I haven't fully resolved but I believe it's either a dodgy SD Card or contact related problem - when I re-inserted the SD Card, it was OK on both occasions.
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