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Hi All,
I am trying to paste data from my computer to the memory card which is inserted in my new Canon IXUS 65 camera.I am accessing the card through the USB cable.
But pasting of files is not allowed in the folder i think!!
Any idea how can do this??

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Some Canon Models are not USB Mass Storage Compliant. If it doesn't show up as a removable drive under "My Computer", your best bet is probably going to be buying a card reader. You can pick up a USB 2.0 card reader for around $10 now

I'd be careful if you are using a card as temporary storage though, as you can corrupt the FAT (File Allocation Table) easily if the driver is not setup for "quick removal" and you don't use the "safely remove hardware" icon in the system tray after writing to a card.

I'd suggest making sure to format the card using the camera's menus for format (not a PC) prior to using it again if you do use the card for other purposes.

Also, be aware that most cameras are not going to be able to display photos copied back to their memory cards if they've been modified in any way with an editor.

There is a software product that you may want to try if this is your desired purpose for copying them back to the camera (versus just trying to use the camera as a card reader).


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I've never thought of the camera as a data transfer device, but I tried it and it worked fine. I made a folder called "Data" under the drive letter and transferred a 200+ Mb folder with numerous sub-folders to the data folder directly to my Casio. The sub folders could be opened and the data accessed both from the camera and from my card reader. Transfer was a lot slower than the equivalent Mb of photos though.

I just copy/pasted the folder to the folder in the drive letter labeled "removable drive".

I tend to agree with Jim that you might eventually come to grief if you put the wrong type of data on the card. But the folder had .exe files and .zip files – both of which worked directly from the camera. When I formatted the card in the camera the folder and all the data disappeared and the card recorded images normally.

So far I've had a Minolta, Olympus, Pentax, Nikon, Panasonic and Casio. All of them could display images I moved back to the camera after extensive editing in Photoshop. You don't need any special software for that. What you can't modify is the file name. Evidently the EXIF isn't important for most cameras when it comes to playing back images you upload from the computer to the camera.

If the camera doesn't show as a drive you are dependent on ZoomBrowser (or whatever Canon gives you) for transfers. I'm not familiar with that and will probably never be if Canon continues making you software dependent to get your photos. There doesn't seem to be any way to put pictures back on the card using Kodak's EasyShare but ZoomBrowser might be better.

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