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Default Memory Card Holder

Just a quick question -

What is everyone using to hold memory cards. With the smaller (and ever smaller) size of these chips, they get lost in a bag. I'm thinking of something like a business card holder only smaller. Looked in a couple of office supply type stores, but nothing jumped out as very usefull.

I guess the ideal (to me) would be something about 3" x 5" with elastic or plastic slots to hold several chips.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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I don't use this, but I found this answer to this questions just minutes ago while searching for something else:
Only one of my three Compact Flash cards came with a case. Any suggestions on how to store the spare in a small camera bag?
If you go to any coin collector store or possibly hobby store you can generally find sheets of coin holders that do very well with the CompactFlash cards.

They generally come in 8.5x11 inch sheets that are perforated so you can pull off two attached pouches at a time. I just made the photo below to demonstrate how I've been using them (I also have a couple of the holders that shipped with some other CF cards too, also shown). The opening in the pouches is 1.75x1.75 inches.

Notice that when you put two cards in the coin holders, the plastic folds easily (in either direction), and to remove a card, you simply give the "closed" end of the pouch a squeeze and the card slides out the open end. I use these kinds of holders for all sorts of things. The "real" CF holders have a nice little plastic clip and are rigid, the coin pouches are soft.
text taken from:

About 1/2 way down.

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They also have several tiny translucent blue plastic cases with various yellow rubber inserts to carry either a PCMCIA card or two microdrives, sD/MMC and xD all around $9 but I can't locate them on their website! (I've got them several months ago from a Ritz store)
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I wasn't really planning on buying a dedicated wallet for memory cards because I've never had a problem with carrying my cards individually, but I spotted this one in camera shop purely by chance. They had a big bin full of them going at just 0.50 each (US$0.80ish) so I just had to buy one. I wish now that I'd bought a few while I had the chance because I'll surely want another in the future.

The great thing for me is that it holds my SmartMedia cards, my little xD card case (which I have since bought) and the remote for my camera. I couldn't ask for any more than that. It's my best digicam bargain yet.

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