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Old Dec 1, 2006, 4:10 PM   #1
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Is there anyway to transfer pictures from your computer to your sd/mmc memory card for your digital camera?
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You can use a memory card reader for this. Treats card like another hard drive. You can copy any file to the card, using the card as a removable drive. All this is done through the Windows Explorer from My Computer. Do not save anything to the cards camera picture file folders - could mess up camera file saving system.
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Old Dec 8, 2006, 10:58 PM   #3
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This topic is getting a lot of attention. I thought it was just me when I found this 'problem' way back when we were using 64mb cards.

Back up / save any photos on the card that you want to
save that are not already saved. That should be obvious.
Next you're going to write to the card via the computer.

If you're writing to the card while it's in the camera
then all is going to be OK. The camera is going to write
to the card in the manner it's accustomed to viewing photos.

If you're using XP / 2000 then the camera will look like
a drive on My Computer. If you're using Win98 or other then you'll have to install a driver first.

If you use a card reader or other method to write to the
card then the results might be that the camera will see
the photos. Or maybe not.

Main thing.. back up first.
2nd main thing: It's unlikely that you'll hurt the card.
3rd - If you can use the camera to store photos and delete
them via the cable to the computer you'll have the best
chance at success.

It's nice to see people are becoming aware of the potential problems with writing to cards via the computer.

A bit off topic. If people write to their card they often
do it via a reader so that things go faster because their
camera might be slower or need batteries or not available
etc. Always try to use your camera to move data to /from the cards that go into it.
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Old Feb 7, 2007, 8:55 PM   #4
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I take exception toAndre's inference that the camera is better for tranfering a memory card contents to a computer. Just ain't so. Reason's for using a card reader are well stated throughout this site. I've personally use that method exclusively since before there were USB card readers (we had PCMCIA adapters then) and never damaged a card nor lost a file.

I think to answer the question of transfer from computer to card I'd like to know the intended purpose of the transfer. I my case it's simply to transport selected file to the self-service printer kiosk. I've had no problems when I've simply copied the files to root. Attempting put the files in the same folder that the camera used resulted in the kiosk not being able to find them. No biggie, just moved them up to root and all was well.

If the intent is to use the camera as a display device (which I never do) the camera will get the file structure/indexing correct without having tohave the computer skills to learn the file\folder and indexing structure required by the camera.

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Old Feb 8, 2007, 9:23 AM   #5
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I also take exception to the statement that the camera is better for transfering photos than using a card reader.

I have been using digital cameras since 1998 and have always used a card reader to transfer my images and I have necer had a problem. The connectors on most cameras are very small and can be quite fragile. I have read many the case where someone knocked over their camera because they caught the USB cable and ended up damaging either the connector on the camera or the camera when it tumbled to the floor.

But a good USB 2 card reader and you will find it is often faster than even most of the newer cameras, and certainly no slower.
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Old Feb 8, 2007, 7:08 PM   #6
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If you have a Kodak camera with EasyShare installed you can only transfer photos to the card with a card reader. That doesn't apply to an album on internal memory for viewing on the camera, which can be done with the software.

For any camera that shows as a drive letter when connected, it makes no difference whether you transfer with a card reader or directly through the camera. The card reader might be faster than many cameras, but the transfer is the same. If you have been downloading directly from the camera and are content with that process there is no reason to buy a card reader for the upload.

You transfer files to the card the same way you would transfer files to any drive and folder. Highlight the images you want on the card, right click one of the highlighted files and select "Copy". Left click on the drive that represents the camera until you get the folder you want the images in. Right click on the folder and select "Paste" and the files will copy to the card. The process is the same whether you transfer through the camera or a memory card.

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I have a Canon Powershot A620 that uses a 512 MB Sandisk SD memory card. On connecting the camera via USB to my computer, the SD card doesn't show up as a 'letter drive'. I'm only able to transfer photos from the camera to my computer, but cannot copy anything to the SD card in the camera from the computer. Copy option is also disabled.

Please help...

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Get a card reader, they also write.
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The best thing is to read your camera's owners manual. Some camera like files to in a certain directory structure and file naming convention.
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Which card reader is the best? Not the best but will do the job? I have a San Disk 2 GB memory card.
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