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Default Memory Cards (write speeds) ???

I am considering purchasing an Olympus C-5050Z. What would you suggest for a CF (512MB and 1GB)? I noticed that there are different memory cards that claim speeds of 12x, 32x, 40x. What do these number mean? What can the C-5050Z handle? THANKS! :?:
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The reality is that if you haven't spent the money for the top of the line digital SLR cameras, you probably don't need anything faster than 8x or 12x. When I say top-of-the-line, I'm talking $1,500 to $8,000 USD.

The x rating is a description of how fast (in theory) you can write to the CF card. 1x is (I believe) 150K (or so) You can do the math to figure out the rest. The reality is that you never hit the max speeds, because how fast data gets written is a factor of the camera and the CF card and how they interact.

Check out these two links to learn more about CF



This link describes the interaction between the camera and the CF (among other things):


This is a link to a comparison of lots of CF cards in the top end cameras from several companies. You won't get any where near the performance as these cameras get, but there is also a write up of what Rob found while doing the testing which is informative.

What would matter more to me than speed is the brand of card. I don't think I'd consider buying anything which wasn't one of these brands:
Lexar, SanDisk, Delkin, Viking... maybe Transcend.

And in that order. The first three have "Pro" rated cards which have life-time warrenties... I like that. Others would rather save the money and get a cheaper brand which doesn't. It's a question of insurance, basically. I'm paying more for that security.

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