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Default Microdrive or Compact Flash??? Confused...

I plan to buy a Minolta 7i or 7Hi. I would like to buy a 1G flash card (or should I get two 512's?).

Anyway, I am confused about whether to purchase a compact flash from Lexar (or ?) OR whether to get the IBM Microdrive.

I am not too concerned about ruggedness, as I plan to leave the card in the camera as much as possible.

My MAIN CONCERN is having a card that doesn't slow the camera down when writing to the card (taking pictures).

Given the current state today, what's the preferred technology and if not the IBM, then who's compact flash?

Also, best services for ordering this media?

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a) use search function

b) best idea is to buy TWO 512 mb CF cards, brand makes no difference.

c) forget IBM microdrive. They gave up production and sold it to Hitachi. MD has a lot of disadvantages you do not find with CFs.

d) CF has now same price like MD, there is no reason to buy a MD
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I've not heard of anybody corrupting the low level format on a Microdrive yet, but there are plenty switching cams off, or pulling flash cards out, or squeezing the last flash shot on a memory write on low batt. who find the nifty internal card processor has corrupted the card, making it very difficult to repair with normal soft formatting tools.

Consider a warranty on big expensive CF cards, if only to send it somewhere to be re-calibrated and low level formatted if broken.
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Default Thanks, now any recommendations for specific 512Mb or 1G CF?

Now, any specific recommendations for a 1G CF card for use in a 7Hi? 512Mb?

Any cards to stay away from?

Online vendors?

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as to IBM dumping the MD. well, actually they sold the entire HD manufacturing business to Hitachi (who has been manufacturing IBM HDs for them for a while).

this fall Hitachi is supposed to be introducing a 2 and 4 GB improved version of the MD.

now i have had one. used it. and the work ok. the current crop of solid state 1 and 2GB CF cards from lexar are faster than the 1 GB MD currently out there. Hitachi promises a fast drive with the new MDs
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