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Default How to format a Microdrive on a Mac

I've been having trouble (http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...ic.php?t=11419). my 7i reads and uses my Microdrive no problem, but putting it in the Lexar FireWire reader gives me a message to initialize the MD, I get the same message when I hook up through the USB cable. So I can shoot, but I can't get anything off the MD. After talking with the D-Store where I bought the MD(very helpful, spent plenty of time with me, but ultimately couldn't fix the problem), Minolta who just wants me to send the camera back for 4 to 6 weeks, and trying unsuccessfully to diagnose the drive through the Hitachi site, I beleive according to the level 2 tech at Minolta, and advice from "voxmagna", I need to somehow find out how the MD is formatted and see if it's jiving with the Mac (Blue & White G3, OS 9.2.1), but how????? I attached part of voxmagna's message relating to a PC, below. wWe use this 7i for work, and somehow I need to shoot with it tomorrow - Help!!!!

""First off you need to find out what format properties all your media are currently at. I don't know how you do this on MACs, but on a pc I can run WinHex32 and look at the media format properties and first sector.
If you see any hint of FAT32 then you know your pc has reformatted it. Also, bad things can happen if you're moving files (i.e your pc is deleting off the card) but copying files and deleting in the camera is ok. I can also look at the first sector. If I see a manufacturer code in text like 'FujiFilm' near the top of the table, I'm ecstatic, If I see 'MSDOS' at the end of the table and I'm getting a card error I know I've got to fix something.
Usually on a pc, this means running MSDOS format from Win2K or XP which allows you to select the options FAT (that's a default FAT16) or FAT32 (never) and other cluster sizes if you wish. However this puts back the default MSDOS labelled format which my camera seems to object to. So using Winhex I fill the card sectors with '00's to make sure it's absolutely clean of junk and then reformat back in the camera.""
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Here's some Google Info:

Mac OS X Compatibility List

Mac OS X is out, and many digital cameras and peripherals are not compatible (yet). The list below shows what we know works-- and doesn't work. If you have something to add to this list, let us know.

From my tests, when something works, the Image Capture application opens when you connect the device. This is a nifty app which can even build thumbnail pages instantly.

This page is now officially out of date. See Apple's site for the latest OS X compatible digicams and accessories.

Last updated: August 28, 2002

What we know works
Canon PowerShot series
G2, S30, S40 require version 10.1.1
Casio QV-3000EX

Epson PhotoPC 3100Z

FireWire media readers
Requires Mac OS X 10.1.1

I think your OS is lower than this, but then being a MAC ignoramus they might work their OS's backwards!. I'm out of my depth on MACs but sniff arround here:


DON't even think about formatting when a card works in a camera and previews the shots - sort out your card reader/camera/MAC interface first do as I suggested, try the cards in a pc (That's Microsoft!) reader first. If they work and download pics then keep the camera. Alternatively if you're stuck for a machine, test drive your local digi photo-store and see if they can read the cards OK. If you get them to read the files and do the prints, they'll be far superior to your i-jet and the boss will be most impressed!
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Thanks for the info, I checked into it, but it still isn't the fix I need. With all things constant, the camera/firewire reader transfer worked fine up until two weeks ago. I did replace an 80G backup hard drive a couple of weeks ago, but not the main drive, and I installed a clean 9.2 OS on the main drive so all the Firewire and SCSI support are current.

I went to a friends today and tried his Dell, when I plugged it in with the USB cable, nothing came up, and I got the dreaded "ERR" message in the LCD on the 7i.

Through out this the camera continues to shoot, and I've notice no change in opperation.
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