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Default Microdrive vs. CF for Fuji 602

Lately it seems that fast CF memory is being considered, as opposed to IBM Microdrive (Hitachi now?).

I am about to purchase a 602s, and interest in what you think about Memory vs. the Micrdrive. It seems that the memory is more expensive than the MD; but with movable parts in the MD, memory may be better; but speed of the memory seems to be a problem.

Looking for your thoughs, and recommended memory if that is the dirction to go.

P.S.: Reading through the forums, I see that Fuji 'recommends' the Microdrive...but those posts are a little old now.
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The recomendation from Fuji has not changed as far as I know. There have been no firmware changes on the 602. Some are using 30-40X Lexars. You pay a lot to have continuous movie working and no probs in big TIFF saving.

MD's always work - guaranteed. But one day if the prices were the same and the speeds were in the 30-40X I'd give one a try - but not before somebody else had said it was OK in a 602!! VOX
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Default Microdrive vs. CF for Fuji 602

I agree. That's what I'm looking for, to see if anyone says it's working for them.

It does seem that the price for the flash is higher, but if the microdrive with it's moving parts is problematic, or drains batteries a lot faster, then that may warrant the extra cost.

That being said, I interest in feedback on reliabilitly experienced with the MD, and battery usage with it.
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I'm on my 3rd year with my microdrives... and just coming back from the hot humid caribbean again with 7G+ of pictures with no problem whatever! Even if you shoot with flash cards (and I do also), you still need to backup/download to a rotating media sometime (ie MindStor, Databank,etc ...). How the reliabity of thoses laptop hardisks compare to the microdrive which have less mass when dropped?

The microdrives do draw more current, but only in milliseconds bursts on read/write so in practice the total current draw of the camera totally overwhelm whatever extra current the microdrives draw over flash cards. :P

BTW when I was riding a speedboat the IS on my EF28-135 USM went crazy (ie the focusing LEDs danced all around the places) but the pictures just got stored to the MD just like nothing happened! 8)
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