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I am still using my several year old Fuji 602. Great camera, and I see no reason to replace it just yet. However, the 1GB MicroDrive is now discontinued. I have two, but I have already had one go bad.

Question1 : Can I use a 2 GB (or larger MicroDrive) in the camera. I realize that the extra storage may not be recognized, but even if I could use a 2GB and get 1 GB of space that would be great!

Question 2: In the past there were certain incompatibilities with solid state compact flash cards and the 602. Are there any newer solidstate CF cards that I can use and get full functionality in my 602? If so, what brand and model?

Thanks so much,

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My advise is to scrap the microdrives as they are nothing but problems and get CF cards. Check bhphotovideo for good deals and also feel free to e-mail them and see if they have heard of any issues that you speak of. They are great at answering your questions usually within 24hrs. At least in this forum main manin people have had issues with microdrives going bad or noth working at all in several cameras including Fujis. Try a CF card and see what happens.
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