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PhilP May 24, 2007 10:12 AM

When trying to download images from an xD card used in an Olympus SP-500 UZ camera, using a card readers on my laptop and on my desktop computers (Windows XP), both computers report that the card is unformated and has no images. Three different image recovery programs reported noimages (files) on the card. Yet the second time it happened, I notced that the camera could read the card and show the images. I therefore connected the camera directly to the computer and was able to download the images from both cards.

Why are xD cards unreadable by a card reader? I know the card readers work, because I have no problem reading the xD cards used by my Fuji camera.

rinniethehun May 24, 2007 12:57 PM

I don't think you're telling us the whole story, Phil...

What is the difference between the cards that work in your card readers and the ones that don't? What type of xD cards are they? 'H', 'M', 'no letter designation'? What model Fuji camera formats the cards in such a manner that they work in your card readers?

It would appear that either your Oly cards are not compatible with your readers, or the camera formats them in a way that cannot be read by them.

the Hun

PhilP May 24, 2007 1:29 PM

The Fuji camera cards that work are plain vanilla Fuji and Olympus cards and the latest is a 512 MG Type H. My Fuji camera is a FinePix S9000. The Olympus SP-500 UZ is actually my wife's camera, but I do the downloading of images. The Olympus cards that do not work were a 2 GB Type M (this is from memory, I will check when I go home tonight) and a 1 GB Type H (I know, because I bought it).

rinniethehun May 24, 2007 2:49 PM

Due to the time frame of the release of the various versions of xD cards, and the various architectures of the cards themselves, some of the earlier cameras (and card readers) were not compatible with the latest xD cards. As an example, there were several Olympus UZ models that could use any xD card up to 512MB, but were not compatible with 1GB and up. Depending on the age of the card readers in your computers (and age of the computers may not really matter if older components were thrown in by the manufacturer), one would have to assume that they also may not be compatible with the newer xD cards. Another possiblility, although less likely, is that an xD card formatted in the Olympus looks different to your card readers than when it is formatted in the Fuji. Try popping the 2GB card in the fuji...format it...take a few pics, then put it in the reader and see what happens.

Possible solutions would be to either use a direct camera to computer link via USB, or buy another card reader which is compatible with all of the current xD cards. Of course you could always use this as an excuse to buy that new super duper computer you've been wanting...

the Hun

Photo 5 May 25, 2007 10:54 PM

I had a similar issues trying to use 1GB cards on my old card reader. It turns out that xD card readers at one point could only read up to 512MB cards with various card readers.

I got an Olympus MAUSB-200 card reader that I tested with a 2GB xD card and it works although I usually use it with a 1GB card. It takes 5 minutes to upload a full 1GB card to my laptop.

Hope this helps

PhilP Jun 4, 2007 1:01 PM

Thanks to all who respondedfor the help. I purchased an Olympus MAUSB_200 XD USB 2.0 Reader and it works fine with the 2 GB Type M card from my wife's Olympus SP-500 UZ camera.

I also purchased a GGI XD Picture Card Reader USB 2.0, which is about the same size and it also works fine, except that it does not require the "eject" procedure the Olympus MAUSB requires in its documentation.


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