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Hi all,

Pls, what is the largest/fastest memory card ( CF) that can I use for my E20-P? Thank you.
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Your Olympus was announced almost 6 years ago. That's a long time for technology.

It does not support FAT32. So, you'd be limited to card sizes of 2GB or smaller.

It's interface to media appears to be relatively slow (even for 6 years ago, since some of the competing models were much faster at that time).

With cards available at that time, it looked like it's jpeg performance maxed out at around 240kb/second. RAW files could write at a bit over 640kb/second.

Now, today's memory cards are much faster. So, you would probably see some benefit of going to a faster card. But, you'd see diminishing rates of return because the bottleneck will become the camera's processing of images and write speed to media, versus the speed of the card itself.

Given the low cost of faster cards, it probalby wouldn't hurt to use something like a Sandisk Ultra II in it. But, I wouldn't spend any extra money to get a faster Extreme III or Extreme IV. Even an Ultra II is capable of speeds more than 10 times what the camera is likely to be capable of. But, I haven't seen it tested with a card that fast.

So, you'd have to try one to see if it worked OK and what kind of performance you get from it. There is really no way to tell if you'd run into any compatibility quirks with a given card unless someone else tried it. But, chances are, it would work with most cards from major manufacturers like Sandisk or Lexar that are 2GB or smaller.

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Thank you very much!!!
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