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Just bought 3- 2gig sd 60x cards. I am now reading good and bad things about the memory.I just bought a D80and need memory.Any suggestions, take it back and swap for another?
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You'll hear good and bad about just about any of them. lol

Rob Galbraith has some benchmarks of some popular cards in a D80 if performance is a big concern. I don't see the older 60x Corsair listed (although he does have a newer 133x Corsair in the tests):


It seems to be OK from a performance perspective, compared to how it's rated. I found this page with a quick google search (scroll down and you'll see some benchmarks of a Corsair 60x SD card):


Chances are, you'll get about the same throughput in a D80 that some of the other 60x cards achieved (see Rob Galbraith's tests).

So, a newer 133x would probably be faster. I'd probably go with a Sandisk Extreme III, Lexar 133x, or similar card if you plan on doing a *lot* of continuous shooting (or doing it in raw). A Corsair 133x looks pretty darn fast in a D80. But, I haven't used their flash memory before.

It all depends on how you're using the camera if you need faster memory. The camera speed won't change at all unless you fill up the internal buffer. Only after the buffer (fast internal memory) is full does it slow down to the speed it's capable of writing to flash media.

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