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Default Removing card from dazzle compact flash reader?

I have ran into a litle problem using a dazzle compact flash card reader. If it maters, I am using windows xp and it just detects the card reader without any additional drivers. My question is, when I download pictures using the card reader, it never gives me any indication when it is done reading. It apears to have downloaded all the pics (I'm using zoom browser). If I remove the card it gives an error that the file transfer was interupted even though zoom browser seems to have finished downloading. If I do the same but wait a few minutes before I remove the card, it is fine. Is there any way to tell when it has finished reading from the card?
Just fyi, there is an icon in the task bar that says "safely remove hardware" and it will tell me if it is done reading but when I use that option, I have to unplug and replug the usb cable to get it to recognize another card.
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My Dazzle 6in1 has a green led on it. When that goes out it's finished. I only use Explorer for copies. I open the source directory (the reader) and the destination (HDD directory) then drag COPY and drop. After checking the destination files can be opened, I delete all off the card, waiting for the green led to go out.

I see my cam source files there (NOT MOVED), I see the file transfer indicator progressing, and I see what's been dropped to my HDD.

But then I'm on Win98SE and it's doing all the right things I'd expect a file transfer to do!
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Try using the Picture Transfer Wizard built in to XP-- it gives confirmations at each step of the transfer. Mine automatically comes up when a card is inserted into the reader.
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I have Windows XP, but do not have the Dazzle, I have a PNY reader, should work the same.
Here is what I do, go to my computer, than plug in the reader, than when the card reader shows up, right click on the icon, in my case "nikon" when you right clicked on it, select "explore" and left click on that.
Sounds like alot of steps, but it is very easy and you can drag and drop "copy" only, do NOT move the pictures to the folder you want.
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