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Default SD card reliability

I just bought a Minolta Dimage Xt and intend to use it for an extended vacation. However, my confidence in memory cards is somewhat shaken given the amount of posts regarding their reliability. I mean, who wants to shoot hundreds of photos only to find out that they're all gone when it comes to transferring them to your computer?

Given the extended vacation touring developing countries that I intend to be on, it may be tough for me to dump the photos to a PC frequently, so I would like to know how reliable SD cards are, and steps to prevent any errors.

Also, it seems like people a disproportionate amount of people are having issues with CF cards. I don't want to get off topic, but would it be reasonable to expect greater reliability from the SD format?

Are the designers/manufacturers/engineers working on addressing some of the reliability issues?

Thanks for your help!
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I have used both the 16mb multimedia card that came with my old camera for about 3 years, and the 64mb multimedia card that I bought shortly after the camera for about 2.5 years without a single issue. True that the multimedia cards are slightly difference compared to SD but they do use the same basic technology and the exact same interface... for the most part multimedia cards are simply an older version of the SD standard.

I have taken some fairly bad care of both cards as they are almost never placed into any sort of protective case when out of the camera or between uses. Usually I have one in the camera and the other in the pouch for the camera. Not the thing you should be doing, but I have yet to have a problem with either card and have taken about 2200 pictures while using them all at the 3.3Mpixel resolution the camera offers.

After you fill the card just pop it back into the tiny plastic case that most SD manufactures provide with their cards when you purchase them. I really don't think you will have an issue at all with the cards if they are cared for in this manner. But before you go on your trip with a new card, fill the card at least ocne full of pictures just to make sure it works in the first place. I would imagine that a decent number of the problems people mention with cards not working is they never did this in the first place. For the most part with flash based memory cards, if it works the first time it should work all the time.

P.S. The 64mb MM card I have is a Kingston.... my brother has a 64 and 256mb SD card for his camera (an HP 4Mpixel model) also manufactured by Kingston and has not had an issue at all with either. His camera however would not work with a KingMax 256mb card.
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