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Default What tot do when there is an error on an SD memory card


an Transcend 256 MB meory card used in a Konica KD-410Z for just 2-3 times.

After taking 100 photo's or so, I suddenly got an eror on the camera : System error ff7b

The camera wouldn't start anymore untill I replaced the SD card.

Cannot retreive the photo's to my Xdrive or to my PC.

These are "once in a lifetime" photo's of my son's wedding.

Could any body please help me in retreiving (with all means) these images ?

I'm looking desperately for some means to retreive these photo's

Thanks in advance, Wil
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The same thing happen to me. The images were corrupt. I used a Image Recovery Program and I got the pictures back. Here are some places you could look...



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thank you very much for your advice and pointer to the recovery software.

Although the Konica shut down immediately when I started it with the wrong memory chip. I also had another Digital camera, (HP 850)

This camera allowed the mounting of the memory card as a disc.

Now the program (dir) could scan the disc and retreived 47 pictures.
The 47th picture had an error.

Again, thank you very much. YOU SAVED MY DAY.

Kind Regards, Wil
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If you get stuck, and don't have any of the appropriate programs to get back your pictures, you can also use Microsoft Scan Disk. I had a card that wouldn't allow me to retrieve most of the images. I ran scan disk on it, and it fixed everything so I got all my images back.

In the "general" conference/forum here, there's a discussion item about this. I posted the information from the "SanDisk" site about their suggestions when this happens.
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