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Well, anyone know for a "Fact" just what memory cards the S5IS will work with? When I say this I mean SD and SDHC cards? Because at this point I am just getting very confused!!!!!!!!

I called SAMs warehouse about a SD/SDHC recorder and was told that they didnt carry that item, and was sure that the technology was not available! OH well, Iguess they have to work somewhat .

I checked out the "WIKI" on the subject and became "Parinoid" about the whole subject, try it out !

At the moment I can't remember who gave me the advise on the card reader from SAM's, but I sure hope he reads this. I absolutely realise he/you were trying to help me. However you/I have absolutely no control over the expertise associated with some companies!
What in the hell are the schools teaching kids these days !

I'll come up with something, I think, LOL!

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Did you try looking in the camera's manual for the information you seek?

the Hun

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I just received this from Canon:

Dear     :

Thank you for contacting Canon product support.  We value you as a Canon
customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your Canon 

Your camera will accept both MMC (MultiMedia Cards) and SD (Secure 
Digital) cards.  This includes newer SDHC memory cards that are over 
2GB.  Utilizing the newer SDHC or High Capacity cards, your camera 
should be able to accept any size cards available on the market today as
well as into the future, up to 2TB.  Even though memory cards do not 
come in capacities as high as a terabyte, the camera is capable of 
accessing that amount of memory.

Unfortunately, due to the ever-increasing number of companies 
manufacturing and selling these cards, we cannot test and evaluate all 
the different brands, sizes, and speeds of cards available in the retail
market.  As such, we are unable to speculate as to the performance of 
the camera with a particular card installed, or to recommend a specific 
type of card.

We hope this information is helpful to you.  Please let us know if we 
can be of any further assistance with your Canon products.

Thank you for choosing Canon.


Technical Support Representative
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The S5 IS supports SDHC, which is basically anything over 4GB and more.

I wouldn't use it unless you really need the high capacity for video.

My S3 IS fried my SanDisk Ultra II 1.0GB and had to have SanDisk replace my card.

If you spread pictures across multiple cards, such an error would limit loss to whatever was in that one card. If you piggyback thousands of pictures into a 4GB card, one failure can cost you everything in that card.
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