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Default Do not be foolish by 400Mb/s


Many companies are offering USB-2 and FireWire Card Readers with up to 400Mb/s transfer rate.

Please, do not be foolish by the offered 400Mb/s rate.

The best Flash Card on the market can work at ~7Mb/s.

It is better, then USB-1 Card Reader can offer, but much less then 400Mb/s.

Conclusion: Even with the best USB-2 Card Reader (which potentially is offering 400Mb/s) the transfer rate for the most Flash Cards is somewhere around 3 - 7 Mb/s, but not 400Mb/s!!!

Flash Cards technology will not reach 400Mb/s transfer rate any time soon.

The points:
1) Yes, USB-2 Card Reader is better, than USB-1 Card Reader by factor ~3x for the most high speed cards.
2) Please, do not be exited by 400Mb/s, as it may foolish your expectations.

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It's more like ~7MByte/s for read... not Mbit/s!


... Divide the above number by 8 and take some inefficiency of the firmware code for the driver into account, and do the same for USB-1. ie 1.5MB/s vs 50MB/s! 8)

6MB/s(flash limit) divided by 1.5MB/s(USB-1 limit) -> where your ~3x comes from (ie plenty of headroom left for USB 2.0/Firewire)
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