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Default How secure/safe/stable is Smartmedia as a storage media?

Hi All

Just making some enquiries as to the stability of SM. Not in comparison to other types of storage media, just looking at SM alone. How many times will you lose all the pics on a card and not be able to recover them?

I'm aware that it's a limited life technology, but that isn't a concern to me, nor is the 128MB card size limit. I just need to know that if I choose a camera that uses SM cards that I'm not going to end up losing a bunch of photos.

I'm going to be taking a camera and portable hard drive on a year long holiday, my routine will be

Shoot pics during the day
Review the pics at the end of the day and delete the bad ones
Put the card into the reader built in to the Image Tank
Download the pics from the card to the hard drive
Check the files were all successfully copied to the HDD
Format the card in the camera ready for use the next day

and so on, to be repeated each day.
I know that SM cards are pretty flimsy but lets assume I'm not going to accidentally bend them or anythig like that.
A lot of the SM problems I've seen on this forum have been where people format the card via the PC leading to FAT32/FAT16 issues, which I won't be doing, I'll only be formatting in the camera and will try to limit card sharing between different cameras.

So, based on this information do you think it's a wise move to use Smartmedia as primary short term storage? Incidentally I'm looking to get the Olympus C730 which also supports XD cards, and based on your advice I may take a back up XD card.

Is there any basic card maintenance i can do easily whilst on the road that will help ensure the SM card is a good boy? Other than keeping the contacts clean.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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IMO they're all the same since they all have the same NAND flash die origin or factories but differ in the packaging and pinouts... The 'secure' part is not for you the image user's but more for copy protection scheme used mostly to soft-sell theses formats to the recording industry!
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Smart media is very stable and proven media. You shouldn't have any problems with it if you use it as you described. I've understood that all common Flash memory products seems to have quite same data reliability.
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I have been using smart media for several years and have never lost photos.
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Never had a problem with Smartmedia. Some say it's fragile, I've been using it for a couple of years and no problems - but don't bend it like Beckham! VOX
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