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well your right to an extent. i carried around a N90s as a BU fot my F5. well my friend now has a N90s with less the 200 rolls thru it. the electromechanical analogs of what now seems yesteryear are about 99% reliable vs the digital wonders of today which are qiute a bit less. i can still pull out my om-3 slip a battery in and start shooting. will i be able to do that with my 1Ds in 10 year or better yet will i want to?

in this digital world nothing pruduced has any true value. its all throw away.
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Originally Posted by sjms
in this digital world nothing pruduced has any true value. its all throw away.
True of imature products like computers and digital cameras - and most of them aren't thrown away because they fail to work, but because there is something so much better that the old one isn't wanted anymore.

Remember that the major use of digital is in controlling machines - cars, toasters, ovens, washing machines, .... When those break down, it isn't often that the breakdown is caused by the digital parts. It is getting to the point that if you want anything more complex than a bicycle, it has a computer in it. And it is there because the machine is better and more reliable with the computer built into it.
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Default Another thing to note

I am a fan of Solid State memory. One really big reason for this is pwer consumption. Cameras ans Mp3 players will run around 3 times as long on a normal battery with CF than they will on a microdrive. This is all to do with the fact the Microdrives have moving parts and significanltly higher energy quotas. For example. I have the NEX ia mp3 player( by Frontier labs...a really cool unit check it out) and with an IBM microdrive i get about 6 hours playback and more like 15 with solid state. The average warranty on solid state is 5 years and some are lifetime. the longest warranty tha ti am aware of on Microdrives is 1 year. Some things to think about.
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There's a difference between cameras and MP3 players though: Most of the power consumption on an MP3 player is through the memory interface, since theses CPUs are super efficient and only need to run fixed code to undo the MP3 codec data that were stored on the memory devices.

Digital cameras are slighly different as they are actually more power hungry @ processing the CCD (beside runing the AF motors and updating LCD/EVF screen) and compressing the pictures than storing them; In burst I might say with lots of idle time in between writes where the MD can go in power-save mode (an MP3 continuously accessed the cards). The power consumed by the camera totally overwhelms what the little extra current the MD might need, and only in the short periods when the shutter is actually released, and not all the time. The point is the MD does consume more power but a camera will not last 3 times more with a flash card (a 1/3 more might be even pushing it).

Moving parts may be bad, but its pretty good in other aspects such as fully understood magnetic properties that can withstand unlimited write cycles and high Rad-Hard level (ie the spaceshuttle crews took MD to space), but not flash cards for example... There's also little known algorithms behind every flash cells that detects manufacturing defects and wear after each erase/write cycle, and just because you don't see bad data doesn't mean that those bits do not get constantly masked out! Sure there's a warranty, but I haven't sent any of my microdrives back either

Cost (and write speed) is what the microdrive excels at... and will continue to as the density grow!
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All this leads me to suspect that in the MP3 player application where data is streamed more often and buffered, the MD may lose the edge on power, but in the camera with intermittent read/writes (worse for larger files), the lcd display and other processors running continuously will carry a much higher power load burden.

Nobody has mentioned using in-camera flash and how much power that grabs compared to MD! However, with either MD or CF it's sensible to minimise picture preview browsing. VOX
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