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I have a Olympus C-5050 and the 256mg CF card quit working. Tested on my Mac and it doesn't see it either.

I have purchased a 4gig 233x Ridata card and the camera will format and immediately say the card is full. It does this over and over. Tested this card on the Mac and it works fine.

Is there a Max. size CF that the Olympus C-5050 will accept? While you are kind enough to be reading this I would like to know also if there is a Max. size xD card?

I really appreciate your help. I have been searching the web but have not been able to find this spec. I did read Steve's original review (when I purchased the camera long ago) and again today. His review only mention 512mg and 1gig CF or microdrives.

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The largest xD card available is 2GB.

This provides a clue as to why you're having trouble with a 4GB CF card.

The difference between 2GB and 4GB, aside from the actual capacity, is that cards up to 2GBcan use the FAT-16 file system, but FAT-16 can't handle anything larger than that, so larger volumes must use the FAT-32 file system. Your digicam uses xD cards which are limited to 2GB becasue the spec for xD doesn't include FAT-32, so it's likely that your camera can't handle anything larger than 2GB.
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I agree with what Tcav said and that is probbaly the answer. However I would like add one thing you should try just in case it works for you.

I had an issue getting a 16GB card to work in my Fuji eariler this year. Try formatting the card in the camera and not the computer. Then if it looks like it is working look at the number of available pictures and make sure it adds up to the full 4GB and ot just 2GB. I have heard stories about how some card can only use their first 2 GB because of the fat16 vs fat32 format issues with the camera.

However from what I have read and what tcav said I'd say your camera is probbaly limited to 2GB as many of the C series Olympus cameras are limited to 2GB, but never read anything specific on your camera so I can't say 100%

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