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Default how do I reformat, intialize a Microdrive?

I got tired of waiting for the spinning beach ball of death to stop spinning on my Mac, so I yanked out my Microdrive out of the reader, without dragging it to the trash. Now my S2Pro says "card not initialized" and will not let me erase it.... and the card will not show up on my desktop. the microdrive makes a noise too... it revs up and down. I don't care about the pics on it. I had already transferred them.

but how do I reformat this card????

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I thought about this possible scenario and worried about it. The MD master boot record may be damaged and they may have a reserved partition you wouldn't normally see. This is usually the area formatted by the manufacturer. I know there is SMprep, and CFprep to low level format flash cards, but I've never heard of MDprep. I've now got an IDE card reader so in theory running Norton tools under old DOS FAT might work but as the MD's are expensive I'm not about to test the theory for you! Make sure you've tried an in camera format first before anything else.

If it's any help, I made a compressed Winhex image of my new IBM 1Gb MD, before I put it in the cam first time. PM me if you want to try writing it back - but this is uncharted territory! VOX
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