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Default Delays in storing

I have an Olympus 3040. Recently, I've noticed that it takes too long to record an image on the card after I've clicked a picture. Before this problem occured, the camera stored images in a couple of seconds and I could proceed with taking the next picture. Now it takes around 10 seconds or so for the image to be recorded on the card and I can't click any more pictures before the recording is completed.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this? I've tried erasing all the pictures on the card or using a different one.
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Do you delete pictures one at a time (or in bulk) off the card? If so, this should help.

After you download all the images, reformat the card in the camera. Not in your computer, in the camera.

If you already format the card regularly, then I can't help you. I always reformat. I don't delete.
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Have you tried to reformat the card?
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Are you sure you're still shooting in the same picture mode? Sounds like you're shooting in one of the TIFF modes instead of a JPG mode...due to TIFFs being so much larger than JPGs it will take that much longer to write the picture to the card. As well the above advice of formatting the card once in a while (in the camera) wouldn't hurt.
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