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I have several nikons. two 950's a 990 and the 995. All of my cf cards work in the older cameras without any problems. I like my 995 the best because it has the larger format. However, this card read error just started with the 995. It has not been dropped. I just ordered some of those CF slot cleaners to see if that works. Maybe those pins need cleaning. I did check and made sure that all of the pins are straight, they are. I have new batteries that are charged, too.

I have read the posts I could find regarding this problem, too. I took a few pictures with it yesterday using one card it would accept. Today it will not accept any card. I have some new cards, Sanddisk Ultra II 2GB cards, a knockoff called HUAXU 1GB card and a Sandisk Ultra II 1GB card and a few old cards. One I should mention is the Nikon 4MB that came with a 950. All of these cards work in the 950's and the 990. The flashing error message on top of the camera reads CF.eR. Does anyone know a fix for this problem? Thanks for your time. It is greatly appreciated.
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It sure sounds like a broken off (missing) or bent pin, if the same cards work fine in both a 950 and 990. I guess it could be the connection to the pin from below the card slot.

I doubt the pins need cleaning if you've been trying multiple cards in it (since insertion and removal of cards should help to get rid of any oxidation).

I'd probably try formatting a card with Windows in a card reader, making sure to select FAT from the drop down list of file system types for a 2GB or smaller card and see if that helps.

If the cards were formatted with a 950, you could have an issue. See this thread about a problem using the Coolpix 950 to format cards larger than 256MB:

CF formatting problem with CoolPix 950

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Default Likely Problem

I also have a 995, great camera for it's time. Just recently I started experiencing the same problems as you. After doing a bit of research this is what I found. Due to inserting/removing the memory cards over time, it causes the solder points of the memory card connector (inside the camera) to weaken and cracks develop at these points. They are very small solder points and if you are talented with a solder iron you can heat these points on the circuit board and "reflow" the solder. From what I have read you may need some type of magnifier or micro scope to see the cracks. I am experienced with electronics and as soon as I have some time I will work on fixing my camera. I will try to post my results upon completion.
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