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Default How do I write to the CF card so my Canon can read it?

I've got a Canon S400 writing to a 128 MB Lexar CF card. I have a few images I like to leave on the card. In the past, when I've needed to clear them off completely off to make room for a full day of shooting, I've used a CF reader to copy the complete DCIM subdirectory structure to my computer before I delete all the images. Later, when I want to put the "saved" images back, I copy the complete DCIM directory back to the CF card and I'm, good to go.

However, the other day, I needed to clear off the CF card without a CF reader with me (at the wife's insistance...you can see I had no choice). I copied the images to the computer first using the usual USB method, but obviously could not get the *.CTG files (which I assume are the index files for the images themselves) from the CANONMSC directory.

Now, I want to put the images back on the CF card. I've copied a backup made several months ago back onto the CF but cannot find a way to re-create the proper .CTG file to allow me to add the images taken since the backup.

Is there a utility to do this?

Am I screwed?

Thanks much...
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What is your goal for copying them back to the camera?

I realize that this isn't the goal of you question, but there might be another way to achieve what your ultimate goal is (but we won't help with world peace or the cure for cancer... if I only could!)

I have never wanted to copy back to my "camera". I have, on occasion, copied back to the CF card to I could transfer it from a non-networked laptop to my desktop... but I never put the card into the camera for that. I just wrote it to the CF card from the PCCard slot in the laptop, and read the card using a USB reader to the desktop.

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Well, I don't know...I just want a portable way to view them and show them to others. Yea, I know I could figure out a way to put them on my Palm...and maybe I'll end up having to do just that. I just would really like them back on the CF card to allow the camera to read them.

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.........I have never wanted to copy back to my "camera"......

I actually find it handy sometimes when visiting friends, to put pics back into the camera to watch on their TV.

I don't know the Canon file format, but if as you say there are files other than the JPG pic file, then this might be an index. Do Canon have incremental file names on one card, irrespective of in cam delete, and is this how they keep track of last used filenames? If this is just a filename index, you could just try banging off some black frames, rename copies of the pics you took and write them back to the card. Make sure you haven't changed the file size or edited the pic so the file is indistinguishable from a cam original. However, if the file system is linking to actual virtual sector space on the card then these index pointers may be more complicated. Also the file system may be working with EXIF data on the file, so it would know if the copies were not as it expected. VOX
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You da' Man!! It worked like a charm...the second time. :? I tried as you suggested, to take the same number of photos I wanted to place back on the card, then to rename the older photos to the new names and replace the files on the CF card...it worked, sorta'. :?

I discovered that several of the photos I wanted on the card were 3 megapixel and several were 4. I needed to match that with the "place-holder" shots. Also, orientation is important. A landscape will not go in a portrait slot.

Once I figured that out, I took place-holder shots that exactly matched size and orientation of the originals, then re-named the originals to the place-holder names, and copied over the place-holders on the CF card.

Worked great!! Camera can now display all!!

And, as a bonus, the text at the bottom of the viewing screen on the camera actually shows the original times they were taken (this info must be in the file itself).

Thanks much, voxmagna.

You saved my bacon!!
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