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I recently got a new Pentax KM andI already have a Pentax K10D and as I have a few SD and SDHC memory cards...Lexar Professional and San Disk Extreme which I have used often in my K10D...I wonder if there would be any problem with image deteoration or anything else, if I regularly interchanged the memory cards between K10D and KM ?
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Interchangeability should be OK since I believe that both cameras recognize SDHC. I have the K100D and K20D along with the Panasonic LX3. All use both the SD, however only the K20 and LX3 recognize the SDHC. I can move the SD across all 3, and the SDHC between the K20 and LX3. They are all the same physical size, the only difference is the formatting and capacity (SD goes up to 2GB and SDHC supports beyond 2GB). Give your cards a try, you can not hurt the camera.
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Physically, there should be no problem. But different cameras often create different folder structures to store images. Since both your cameras are Pentax dSLRs, I think there's less chance that will happen. Another feature of digital cameras is the playback of captured images on the memory card, and cameras frequently refuse to display images they, themselves, didn't capture, so you may have some problems there.
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No. Cameras with layout for SD cannot use SDHC - these are two pair shoes.

SDHC has new definition and is compatible with SD. But SD is not compatible with SDHC.

SD was defined (1.0) till 1 GB, then (1.1) till 2 GB - 4 GB SD are not defined - they may work or not - SDHC was defined for 4 GB and greater.

Next card generation is SDXC, defined till 2 terabyte

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Dear DonaldDuc,

Good photos & lovely explication about SD/SDHC cards...learn something new...Thanks!


Alex 007
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