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Default memory stick format error

dear friends,
Would you kindly help me out please. I have taken a full 64mb memory stick MG sony worth of pictures. All the pictures were fine and i could view then in my camera. Then I decided to erase a few to a make room for a few more shots. I found out later that i could not read it anymore from my card reader. When i put the memory card back in the camera, it says format error with a flashing
c 13:01 . Could not read any more pictures in the camera. But in the computer folder, a list of picture number, type, size, date modified are there, but i could not read the picture, except one, which has an date picure taken and dimensions.

I wonder how i could retrieve these pictures. I have not deleted the memory stick or reformatted it yet. I think by going back and stuffing around with the deletion to take more picture , I have stuffed up the timeline and thus it could not be displayed. Please help!!Thank you very much
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Don't know anything about sticks, but here are some ideas. Some cams use a separate index folder to track pictures and info, this might be screwed. Backup every folder you can find on the stick if you can read it. Check if file sizes given for any files with .jpg extensions are about the right size for your shooting resolution. If you try opening each file and get nothing, checkout the rescue utilities in Steve's software list and try to recover any image files copied to your HD first.

Your error was in erasing some but not all files in your card reader. When you erase a file you actually write to the card by changing a byte in the filename entry of the file table. Of course the entry being changed (file erase) is surrounded by entries for the ones you keep. If your pc operating system thinks it's writing to a HD or a floppy it puts the wrong bytes in the wrong places - camera card formats are not always the same as those used in PC's for HD's!!

Rescue programs can search the data on a card without the file table and detect where an image data file might start and finish, saving to your HD. Afterwards you do an in cam re-format.
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