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Default Type 1 vs Type 2 CF cards


I never really paid attention to this when buying CF cards. Till today when I read that the Nikon D700 only supports Type 1. How do we know which are "type 2" just short of looking at the side of a box? I looked online but didn't see any one specify which where Type 1 and Type 2. Are the Type 2 the older no longer produced cards?? I have a D300 now and might later add a "D700s" or D3s.
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Virtually all current CompactFlash cards are type 1.

The type II standard (physically wider cards) was popular when microdrives were less expensive than cards using flash memory. But, anymore, it would be hard to find a type II CompactFlash card (all popular cards are going to be type I).

The Nikon D700 is a very nice camera and it can also support newer CompactFlash cards supporting UDMA Mode 5. I'd look at the latest 300x cards for the most bang for the buck. You may also want to take a look at Rob Galbraiths's test here:

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Thanks JimC. Guess I'll be safe picking up any highspeed CF card (e.g. 300x or greater...which I had been doing for the most part...though I have two 16GB Extreme III cards) for my future D700s (or maaaaaaybe D3s...I'm assuming it only supports Type 1 too).

Read the article. And I see that there is a physical difference in that Type II are thicker and thus wouldn't fit in the D700 (or D700s, D3s...) slot any how.

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