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You can use (free) RecoveRx from Transcend - look Transcend page
Insert card in card reader / pc and start program

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None of those types of programs are going to work well when you have failing card components with sector errors. They're designed to retrieve photos when you have file system corruption instead.

In the OP's case, this is a card with tons of physical errors (as when happens when the controller components start to fail in one).

With that type of issue, you need a way to try and image the card, and ddrescue is as good as it gets for that purpose.

It performs a block by block (a.k.a., sector by sector) read of the card (or a physical disk drive), without any regards to the file system or contents, writing those blocks to a disk image file. It's very smart in how it approaches it, requesting smaller and smaller block sizes when physical read errors are returned in order to get the best copy of the source media possible, allowing multiple interruptions without needing to retry sectors it already copied OK during previous passes (thanks to the log file keeping track of the blocks copied OK so far).

It can make multiple passes so it "fills in the blanks" in the destination image file from each additional pass. That lets you do things like let a card cool off between passes, unplug and plug it in again when it stops being recognized, etc.; with ddrescue only retrying sectors that it didn't see read errors on during previous passes (because the log file keeps track of sectors that were copied without errors during previous passes).

Then, once you have the best possible copy of a failing card (or disk drive), you can run other utilities against the disk image file created. Or, you can write that disk image back to a good card without any component problems and use other utilities to retrieve the files from it since the file system will probably be corrupted due to some of those blocks with errors being unreadable (photorec, recuva, or even something like the Transcend RecoveRx program you're mentioning).

The main thing is to get the best block by block copy of the media first (and ddrescue is as good as it gets for that purpose). Then, worry about recovering the images from the copy of it using other utilities later, so that the other utilities don't have to deal with physical sector read errors (since they'll be reading from media without any physical problems after you get the best possible copy of a failing card or drive).
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