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Default SD card

Hi, I am newbie in this area.

B: I have a Toshiba notebook PC which has a SD card slot. I am going to buy a digital camera.

Q: What are the commonly used cards in the market ? I heard Compact Flash, Smart media, Sony media stick, Toshiba SD card...... very confused

Q: Should I buy a camera with this SD card ? So, Canon A40 is not compatible, right ?

Q: If I stick to this SD card, I need an entry level DC, about 2 M pixel, I want manual function becos I love to shot at night, any recommendations ?

thanks a lot :P
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Your Toshiba notebook also has a PC(PCMCIA) card slot, which can accept anything: ie from the Compact Flash, Smart media, Sony media stick, Toshiba SD and even the IBM microdrive...via the appropriate adapter (which can be bought packaged with the flash card)

Don't limit yourself with the camera selection, it's independent and yes the A40 is compatible. It's not the same slot, and if all else fail you can also use a zillion-in-one flash reader. Toshiba like Sony(MemoryStick) are just pushing their proprietary multimedia enable cards (ie with built-in copy protection)


BTW Toshiba has just sold their "NAND" flash facility to Micron, who is converting it to a dRAM factory! This is also why you'll see a little more push for another proprietary xD cards from another manufacturers alliance...

In term of camera selection, it's wise to stick to CF flash, and we're lucky here in the state, since almost anywhere else in the world, CF is @ a premium over Smartmedia (both in camera and flash prices) especially in Europe and Asia, and the CF's capacities are the largest and fatest! ... and don't forget to pick a camera that use rechargeable AA (niMh) as well over proprietary LiIon! (you'll only understand it, once you bought one).

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As NHL says, you don't have to limit yourself to SD as you can use a PCMCIA adapter with any media these days, although even the smallest SD card will give you at least a 2Mb per sec transfer speed.
If you go SD then you should be able to use any SD card in the camera and laptop to read the JPEG files, which should prove to be quite usefull.

Just in case you're interested BTW. I'm selling my 3.3M Panasonic DigiCam PV-DC3000, which uses the SD cards.

Ohh, one more thing. Almost anything which uses SD cards can also use MMC multi-media cards aswell.
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