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BTW, there's a utility that can be used to do things like check a card, as sometimes counterfeiters use firmware that fools devices into thinking they're larger than they really are until they use more of a card's capacity (or figure out there's an issue when trying to reformat the card). Here's a page showing how to use it:


The utility (h2testw) is great for checking both memory cards and USB Flash drives to see if they're really the same capacity as they're claimed to be, as you'll sometimes see smaller memory cards and Flash Drives being sold as having much larger capacities, using firmware that's been modified to fool the host devices (where you end up losing data trying to use anything more than the real capacity of the card).

I've even seen reports of fake hard drives using that technique. Here's one story on the subject (where the firmware in a 128MB USB flash drive was setup to imitate a 500GB hard drive).

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